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Survival tips for camping in winter

Who said camping in winter is incompatible? For trekking lovers, snow hiker, camper in winter is even more curious. Winter camping is an exceptional adventure, but can be dangerous if you are improperly prepared. This article will give you 5 golden rules to camp safely in cold weather.

  • Well-equipped

Do not skimp in your gear. It is imperative to invest in equipment adapted to the freezing temperatures. A sleeping bag, a best winter tent for high mountains, thick carpets, a large mattress, or other equipment that generate heat and insulate you from humidity or wind. If you think of camping on snow, you will also take a shovel (to clear your site) and snow anchors. These will allow you to firmly secure your tent in the snow

  • Protect your body from the cold

Just like your camping gear, your outfit is very important. This is your clothes that will protect your body from the cold. However, you should remember that, dress warmly and also dress smartly. We are going to give you 3 tips to stay warm.
  • You had better protect vital organs (head and torso) to better warm the rest of the body.
  • Leave spaces between the layers. The heat between layers will warm you. The best is a layer near the body, a further layer and an impermeable layer.
  • After physical activity, or before each night, change clothes. The sweat released by the body will cool you down, while dry clothes warm you up. Conversely, excess heat is bad. The moisture generated by your sweating may cool you down. If you start to get too hot, remove layers.

  • Light a fire

A heat source is required. Upon arrival at your camp, and preferably before sunset, light a campfire. Therefore, it is good idea bring your brazier.

  • Position your tent

As the temperature is really low, so you should prepare a quick pitch tent. For example with a Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent, it costs you close to one minute to set up, or you can pitch up a Quechua tent in 2 seconds. The installation of a tent must be well thought out. Here are some tips that will make you gain a few degrees.

  • The floor is often wet in winter. Better to cover your future location hay, grass or leaves. In addition to more comfortable ground, it will isolate you better freshness of the earth.
  • For wind, the entrance of the tent should be in opposite to wind direction. Thus, the wind will come less tickle your toes.
  • Having concrete fasteners. Sardines, twine, floor mats, snow anchors ... everything is perfectly attached to the ground. This will prevent you finding yourself under the stars in the middle of the night.

  • Protect the cold water

If you think of keeping your body warm, you may not always think of protecting your water from freezing. And yet it is a vital rule. For water, it is best to keep your bottle in your duvet. The heat from your body will prevent the water from freezing.

Below is a list of websites where you can equip you to camp in winter:

Nordica: ski and winter clothing sites

Tatonka: Site of outdoor equipment and trekking

Helsport: Norwegian site outdoor equipment and trekking

Valandre: site duvets and sleeping bags for mountaineering

Wilsa-sport: site backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping bags for mountaineering

Alpina Sports: mountain boots and ski site

Columbia: winter clothing site Site of clothing, footwear and backpacks for trekking

Worden: site ski accessories and outdoor sports site offering camping equipment, trekking and ski

Campers Village: site offering camping and trekking equipment

Campmor: site offering camping and trekking equipment.

Above are the tips that help you survive in winter camping. It is dangerous, but it is a truly unforgettable memory in your life. So, be sure to read this article thoroughly and prepare well for yourself. Good luck!

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Maxware UL Certified 4.2-Quart Aluminum Presusre Cooker

Maxware UL Certified 4.2-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker

I have looked at a lot of pressure cookers and was not happy with what I was seeing. Some were just too expensive and some just didn’t have the features I was looking for. When I finally found this one and it was in my budget I decided right then that I was going to write a review for this product.

All rice makers are not made alike and I was so happy to find the Maxware UL Certified 4.2-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker. After looking for a long time I am so happy to find one that works well. I finally found the exact one I wanted in the Maxware UL Certified 4.2-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker.

What to look for when buying a pressure cooker

After looking around and comparing a lot of different pressure cookers on the market I figured out which features are a must. Here are the ones I cannot live without:
  • Unit size
  • Various cooking options
  • Timer
  • Easy clean up
  • Warmer
  • Pressure canning (To seek the best pressure canner, you must read the pressure canner reviews to know the advantages and disadvantages of existing models.)
There are some things that I feel just must be included in the makeup of a pressure cooker and warmer. These are not optional if you use a pressure cooker a lot. I will explain each feature in detail.

How big is the pressure cooker?

- The entire unit is 11.5 by 9 by 7.25 inches and only weighs about 9 pounds. The pressure cooker is a 3-cup unit.

Are there other options for cooking different kinds of rice?

- Yes, there are several selections on the menu including white, sushi, brown, quick rice and porridge.

Does the pressure cooker have a timer?

- The Maxware pressure cooker has an LCD display with both a clock and timer function.

Is the product easy to clean up?

- Yes, cleanup is a cinch because it has an inner pan that is coated with non-stick materials.

Will it keep the rice warm if I cannot get to it right away?
- Yes, it will automatically keep the rice warm after it is done cooking.